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This high-contrast display is housed in a IP65 waterproof aluminium casing and connects to a VBOX Video HD2 via a 3.5 m flying lead.

The screen is readable in bright sunlight, ensuring the visibility of parameters such as speed, G-force, lap times, and predictive lap timing as you drive. Six LEDs positioned above the screen offer immediate delta velocity feedback, indicating your current speed in comparison to your fastest lap.

All displayed units are user configurable.



Features include:

  • Lap times, Lap count & Predictive lap times display
  • Split/ Best times display
  • Speed (live/max) display
  • G-Force display
  • Video scene & track selection
  • Start/stop data logging
  • Delta-V LED indicators
  • Flips screen in accordance with the way it is mounted



The predictive lap timing is based on GPS position rather than distance, allowing for instant, constant timing feedback during the lap. Find out more on Predictive Lap Timing.

OLED Display

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