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Owned and run by Jordan Bird, JB Data Engineering specialises in electronics and data acquisition systems for motorsport. 

We specialise in telemetry analysis, data analysis, video analysis and race strategy.

Based in Norfolk, we are ideally situated to assist at circuits across the UK and abroad.

Jordan Bird, data engineer at work
Jordan Bird working

JB Data Engineering provides data-acquisition and analysis, including video analysis, for race teams and individual racing drivers.

We are proficient in the use and application of PI Toolbox, PI Toolset, Aim Race Studio, Racelogic, Race Technology, Motec, Magnetti Marelli, Life Racing and Bosch (WinDarab).

Our track-side data and video support includes driver analysis and development, vehicle systems, chassis and tyre analysis, fuel strategy and video analysis.

Data Engineering


abstract image of human fascia

To achieve top performance in our sport we need more than an understanding of the vehicle dynamics, mechanicals and tyres.

Crucial to the success is an understanding of the driver, their biorhythms and fitness, together with robust strategies to combat fatigue and stress from both internal and external sources.

JB Data Engineering works with Human Performance Visonaries and industry specialists to deliver solid improvements in areas such as Fitness and Stamina, Diet and Sleep, Media and Mental Approach. These techniques are dovetailed to work in conjunction with the driver track strategies thereby delivering a holistic approach.

Human Performance Engineering


data screens showing images fromVBOX dataloggers

Video analysis has become an extremely popular service with drivers at all levels finding this tool helpful in understanding visually where they could improve their lap-times. Video analysis is particularly useful where an amateur driver is working with a driver-coach, who is then able to identify where improvements in times can be made.

Racelogic’s Circuit Tools data analysis software and Aim’s Smartycam video software provides the capability to run multiple laps side-by-side. This facility allows the driver to see vehicle data alongside video of the lap. Using GPS to plot the driver’s lines, a coach can quickly understand and explain where the lap-time can be improved.

Video Analysis
an IMSA racing car

JB Data Engineering can provide race and fuel strategies to teams and individual drivers, a crucial planning tool particularly when competing in endurance events. Thanks to JB Data Engineering’s experience in race strategies, planning time is reduced.

Our race/fuel strategies include run-plans for each session with fuel usage per lap and per session and can record sector-times, lap-times, driver stint-times, session duration and session-elapsed time. Our strategies have been used in the 24H Series, the British GT Championship and the VW Fun Cup 25 Hour Race at Spa-Francorchamps.

Race & Fuel Strategy

Jordan has worked with us at many events over the years and offers in-depth service and his analysis is great! A really good character who I would highly recommend.

Rhys Lloyd

Amigo Motorsport


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