EGT Communications

Owned by Andy Lloyd, the founder and editor of, EGT Communications is a motorsports media-relations business, helping teams, drivers and fellow motorsports professionals position their media presence effectively and efficiently, dependant on their objectives and requirements. EGT Communications has been providing JB Data Engineering with media support and advice since 2016.

Student Motorsport 

Jordan Bird, owner of JB Data Engineering, is proud to announce that he is an ambassador for, and contributor to, Student Motorsport, the premier on-line motorsport community for young people, students, graduates, educators, institutions, professionals and organisations.


The vision of Student Motorsport is to create a community that will help pupils, students, graduates and enthusiasts work towards a career in the motorsport industry. Founder J P Latham has harnessed his collection of personal experiences along with his skills, and knowledge to develop the community that you can find at



JB Data Engineering is immensely proud to announce that we are dealers for Racelogic products


Racelogic designs and manufactures electronic systems to measure, record, display, analyse and simulate data from moving vehicles. Its flag-ship VBOX has become an industry-standard way of measuring speed, position, distance and acceleration whilst its VBOX Motorsport in-car camera systems and performance meters are becoming increasingly popular in motorsport.


Please contact JB Data Engineering by email or using the contact page. if you would like information on any Racelogic motorsport products or you wish to place an order.

Tiger Prints Teamwear

Tiger prints Teamwear as official clothing partner, providing branded clothing for the 2018 season.


As one of the most exciting motorsport clothing brands in the UK, Tiger Prints provides workwear to most of the country’s motorsport teams and has the facility for customers to design their own team clothing via their website which can be supplied from their large stock of clothing to suit any weather conditions.


Tiger Prints Teamwear also offers website design services and social media management.

Aim Technologies 

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We are very proud to announce our appointment as a dealer for Aim Technologies.

Understanding competitive sport and built by experienced racers, Aim products are manufactured to exacting standards and are designed to withstand the rigors of today's high performance racing environment.

Built on many years of experience the comprehensive range of lap timers, dash loggers and specialist camera equipment span the full range from amateur to the most comprehensive requirement of the professional racer.

Aim understands that excellent quality, reliable data acquisition wins races and their products are currently used by thousands of race drivers worldwide often regarded as the defacto industry standard in data acquisition technology.

DTA Fast


JB Data Engineering are proud to announce we are dealers for DTA Fast.  

DTAfast designs and manufactures engine management systems for spark ignition engines intended for use in competition vehicles. All our systems are easily mapped and are very competitively priced.


The systems are designed to be fitted to almost any engine. Usually on a modern engine the existing crankshaft and other sensors can be reused.

If this is not the case then we provide a full range of temperature sensors, crankshaft sensors and wheels, pressure sensors etc.

Our systems are in constant use worldwide and countless competition successes have been recorded from club to professional motorsport, including motorcycling, jetski and snowmobile racing. A number of multi-national motor manufacturers use our systems for longevity testing of their engine components because of their transparent ease of use and their ability to stress an engine outside its normal operating envelope.

Please contact JB Data Engineering by email or using the contact page. if you would like information on any DTA Fast products or you wish to place an order.

Inked Hand Images Motorsport Photography

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Inked Hand Images Motorsport Photography! Inked Hand Images established in 2014, self-taught photographer Ben Green set about creating the Inked Hand Images motorsport photography company.


JB Data Engineering are working with Inked Hand Images’ Ben Green and Chris Enion. They will be supplying JB Data Engineering with Media content for our website and social media platforms. In return we will be giving them access to the teams we work with.

Motorsport Electrical Wiring Solutions


Motorsport Electrical Wiring Solutions has been formed to assist Race Teams and the Individual to Manufacture and Service/Repair New and Existing Wiring Harnesses to the highest level. I am based close to Snetterton in Norfolk

Dom has been involved in the Prototyping, Manufacture, Inspection, Fault Finding and Installation of Mil Spec Wiring Harnesses/Enclosures/Switch Panels in F1, Indy Car, World Rally, GT3/GT4, High Level Road and Race Super-Cars, Moto GP Bikes for 32 Years, including 8 years working on Military Harnesses for Fighter Aircraft, Tanks and Control Panels.

Don has been responsible for wiring many F1 Championship winning cars and proud to have worked alongside the best Race Engineers in All forms of Motorsport.


Now he is offering Training and Manufacturing Support to Race Teams in the use of the following :- Understanding Wiring Diagrams/Layouts, Prototyping New Assemblies, Mil Spec Connectors, Aerospace Wire, Selection of System 25 Sleeving, Moulded Parts and Adhesives, Crimp Tool Selection/Setting/Crimping, Contra-Helical Wire Layup Patterns, Connector Termination, Inspection/Test/Fault Finding.


Training of your Electrical Technician is key to Quality and a Race Reliable Assemblies, I can Train on Service and Repair of Existing Assemblies or Assist on Prototyping New Build Assemblies.

If you are interested in becoming a new client or partner to JB Data Engineering. Then, why not get in touch with us either by emailing us or through the contact us page. 

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