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NEWSLETTER - Key Tools: Racing Driver Video Analysis

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Welcome to the February 2023 JB Data Engineering newsletter.

We’re planning on making this a monthly feature and providing you with an insight into how professional data engineering operates, as well as news and updates from the various championships we’ll be working in. Last year already seems a long time ago. However, if you’d like to read about how 2022 progressed for us, check out our 2022 Season Review. We had the opportunity to work with some fantastic teams in championships across the world and the highlights have been captured in our Season Review which you can read here. The focus is now firmly on 2023 and already the bookings are coming in and the diary is filling up. However there is still time to discuss bookings – we’d love to work with you, wherever you are racing and which ever championship you are competing in.

JB Data engineering working on  racing driver video analysis

Racing Driver Video Analysis

One of the key tools of the competitive racing driver is video analysis, and JB Data Engineering has been helping teams and driver with this key skill for many years. Video analysis helps drivers in understanding visually where they could improve their lap-times. It is particularly useful where an amateur driver is working with a driver-coach, who is then able to identify where improvements in times can be made. JB Data Engineering recommends Racelogic’s Circuit Tools data analysis software and Aim’s Smartycam video software which provide the provide the capability to run multiple laps side-by-side. This facility allows the driver to see the vehicle data alongside video of the lap. Using GPS to plot the driver’s lines, a coach can quickly understand and explain where the lap-time can be improved.

Contact JB Data Engineering to discuss how our video analysis tools will help your driver find those essential tenths over a race weekend.

Discussing race fuelling strategy

Race and Fuel Strategy

Race and fuel strategies are a crucial planning particularly when competing in endurance events. JB Date Engineering can provide race and fuel strategies and, with our years of experience working with leading teams, planning time is reduced, allowing more opportunity for discussion and refinement. Our race/fuel strategies include run-plans for each session with fuel usage per lap and per session and have been used in the 24H Series, the British GT Championship and the VW Fun Cup 25 Hour Race at Spa-Francorchamps. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you with race and fuel strategies, call us on 07717 562169.

SmartyCam 3 Dual – One is great. Dual is better!

SmartyCam 3 Dual is the flagship version of the SmartyCam 3 range, designed for any racer who wants to get the most out of any performance video on the track. Dual Full HD camera system, video output, CAN connection, USB-C connection, Ethernet port – these are only a few of the features of SmartyCam 3 Dual: the most powerful in the range. With the built-in data logger, all the channels displayed on the video footage can be viewed and reviewed on SmartyCam’s new Race Studio 3 analysis software. Dual video input means that you can film from two locations on your vehicle and ‘Picture in Picture’ allows you to overlay your videos. The SmartyCam 3 Dual contains a rechargeable lithium battery and is finished with a sleek anodised aluminium coating. The system is assured to add efficiency, informational data, productivity and style to your racing.

JB Data Engineering can supply the SmartyCam 3 Dual system, train you and your engineers in its use and provide provide testing and race-weekend analysis using the system.

Call us now on 07717 562169 to discuss how the SmartyCam 3 Dual can help you to gain the competitive edge.

JB Data working on racing driver video analysis

Well, that about wraps it up for this month. Wherever you’re racing this year, we hope you have a fantastic season and we look forward to meeting you trackside, either testing or racing, over the course of the year.

Please call us on 07717 562169 or contact us here if we can help in any way.

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Have a great 2023!

The JB Data Engineering Team.

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