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State of the art product from ECUMASTER top of the modern power distribution technology.
Intelligent power distribution simplify your wiring and provide functionality not possible for traditional wiring

One of the main advantages of the PMU is continuous current sensing and self-resetting functionality if current exceeds the defined level. All output state, voltage and current information can be logged and transmitted via CAN bus to dash displays to inform drivers of potential problems.

An additional advantage of the PMU system is the ability to define logic for controlling outputs. This is done with data from analogue input channels or CAN bus data, and math operations can be defined for each channel. The PMU is also equipped with LED indicators to show the status of each output.


With use of CAN bus keypads or steering wheel switches, all wiring is vastly simplified and lightened.Two unique features are the inbuilt accelerometer and gyro for logging and “inertia switch” in case of accident.

System is designed for easy integration with our range of accessories.
Key pads 6 Key , 8 Key, 12key, Can switch board

Alternatively third party interface can be used please email for more information.




Temperature range

AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +125˚C)


32 bits automotive, 90MIPS

Reverse polarity protection

Yes, internal

Operating voltage

6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637


IP 65, bespoke CNC machined aluminum

Size (mm) and weight(g)

131x112x32.5, 345g


1 x 39 Automotive connector,

1 x M6 stud for battery connection

PC communication



High current outputs

10 x 25A(cont.), 6 x 15A(cont.) with Overcurrent and overheating protection. Outputs may be paired to increase continuous current capability. Current and voltage is measured for each output

Total current output

150A continuous

Output current control step


Wipers output

dedicated output with wiper braking feature


monitored 5V, 500mA output for powering external sensors.


Analog inputs

16 inputs, 10 Bit resolution, 0-5V (protected), with software selectable 10K Ohm pullup and pulldowns

CAN Keypads

2 x Ecumaster keypads (4, 8, 12 keys)


Output state indication

16 bicolor LEDs


3D accelerometer with 3D gyroscope for logging and crash detection

Real time clock

Yes, super capacitor for backup power (up to 3 days)



ECUMaster-PMU 16 - Power Management Unit 16

Excluding VAT
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