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VBOX Mini LapTimer is a 10 Hz GNSS data logger and lap timing display in one. Its miniature design means that it is ideal for applications where there is limited space to mount lap timing devices, such as in a single-seater race car. The Mini LapTimer provides instant feedback on the screen and via the bright LEDs, indicating where time is being lost and where time can be gained around a circuit.


Display Modes

  • Live Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Speed Bar
  • Lap Count
  • Lap Timing
  • Predictive Lap Timing
  • Predictive Lap Timing with Delta-T
  • Lateral G
  • Lateral G Bar
  • Longitudinal G
  • Longitudinal G Bar


Package Contents

  • VBOX Mini LapTimer unit
  • External GPS/Glonass/Galileo Low Profile Antenna with RG-174 & SMA - 3 m
  • Lightweight camera/display suction mount with thumb nut
  • Hirose 6W Plug - Cigar Plug Power cable (2 m)
  • 8 GB SD Ultima Pro UHS-1 Memory Card


VBOX Mini LapTimer

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