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Enhance Your Karting Experience with the AiM MyChron5 S 2T Data Logger


Experience the thrill of kart racing like never before with the AiM MyChron5 S 2T Data Logger. Designed for both casual thrill-seekers and competitive racers, this game-changing piece of equipment offers unparalleled performance on scaled-down circuits and professional tracks alike. Simply arrive, drive, and let the MyChron5 S 2T enhance your racing experience.

Key Features:

  • Integrated 25Hz GPS for precise tracking
  • Two temperature inputs for accurate monitoring
  • Eight configurable RGB backlights for customization
  • Fully configurable settings to suit your preferences
  • Expandable system with a choice of sensors for added functionality

MyChron5 S 2T x2 Thermocouple Sensor Inputs: The latest iteration of the AiM MyChron5 S 2T is here to revolutionize kart racing. Tailored specifically for karting enthusiasts, this data logger features two temperature sensor inputs, allowing you to measure Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) and Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) with precision. The MyChron5 S 2T's advanced capabilities make it the ideal companion for both recreational and professional karting circuits.


Enhanced GPS Functionality: With an upgraded GPS frequency of 25Hz and improved precision, the MyChron5 S 2T offers superior accuracy, ensuring reliable performance on any track. Integrated GPS functionality automatically identifies your track and start/finish line coordinates, providing you with real-time data and predictive lap times. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise racing analytics.


High-Resolution Display: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with the MyChron5 S 2T's high-resolution graphical display, featuring seven selectable colors for optimal readability. Whether you're monitoring lap times, RPM, or temperature values, the MyChron5 S 2T's intuitive display ensures effortless data interpretation both on and off the track.


Customizable Shift Lights and Alarms: Personalize your racing experience with five configurable RGB LED shift lights and alarm LEDs. Set custom thresholds for gear shifts or engine parameters such as water temperature and exhaust gas temperature, ensuring optimal performance and engine health throughout your race.


Configurable Pages and Wi-Fi Connectivity: Tailor your display settings to suit your preferences with configurable pages accessible via software or the device itself. Utilize built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to download data and customize GPS coordinates for split times via Race Studio 3. With password protection, you can rest assured that your data remains secure at all times.


Long-lasting Battery Life: Powered by a detachable rechargeable lithium battery, the MyChron5 S 2T offers up to 10 hours of continuous use, ensuring uninterrupted performance throughout your racing sessions.


Expand Your System: Unlock the full potential of your MyChron5 S 2T with a range of compatible accessories designed to enhance performance and data acquisition. Explore our selection of expansion modules and sensors to take your karting experience to the next level.

MyChron5 S 2T x2 Thermocouple Sensor Inputs

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