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The Aim Solo 2, 4" GPS Lap Timer, offers Precise timing, speed and identifies its GPS position from over 2,000 tracks all over the world.

Packed with race-winning technology, the Solo 2 is the most widely used lap timer and data logger currently on the market.

With features such as real-time GPS speed, lap timing and predictive lap times, the Solo 2 is sure to get more trophies into your cabinet.


Display Parameters

 There can be up to four live parameters simultaneously displayed on the screen at one time, such as vehicle GPS speed and lap number, rolling time, predictive time, and delta time.


LED light Indicators

The fully configurable LED’s can be set to indicate if you are faster or slower on a lap/split-lap


Seven Display Colours

Whether you want to wake up your Fast and Furious fantasies, or there is a genuine need for a different display colour, there is a unique colour for you.


Different Lap Modes

The Solo 2 comes with two different modes. “Speed mode” is designed for circuit racing, and “Performance mode” is designed for A-B racing such as: hill climbs, drag racing, etc.


Pre-Loaded Track Database

With over 3000 tracks in its database, the Solo 2 is bound to have your track on there. Don’t worry if your track is not in the system. The unit will automatically learn the track via GPS after a few laps. That way, next time you’re out, you can see your previous lap times.


Advanced GPS Technology

The Solo 2 gets its GPS coordinated from 2 different satellites, giving you accuracy down to two-hundredths of a second.


Simple data analysis and upload

The data can be simply and wirelessly uploaded to your PC via a built-in secured Wi-Fi connection for extended analysis.


RaceStudio 3

RaceStudio 3 is provided as a free download when you purchase the Solo 2. This is a great platform to modify and view all the data from the unit. It’s so intuitive amateurs, pro drivers, coaches and engineers use it regularly due to its advanced features 


Aim Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer And Data Logger

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