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The Aim Solo 2 DL, 4" GPS Lap Timer with ECU connection, accurately identifies its GPS position from over 2,000 tracks all over the world.

This fully automatic track day lap timer now uses two GPS satellites, which makes it significantly faster and more accurate than its predecessor.

GPS performance data

There can be up to four live parameters simultaneously displayed on the screen at one time, such as vehicle GPS speed and lap number, rolling time, predictive time, and delta time.


Connects to your vehicle's engine

RPM, Vehicle Speed, Water Temperature, Throttle Position, Intake Air Temperature, Fuel Level, Air Mass Flow, And Loads More...

The Solo 2 DL easily connects to the ECU, which allows you to display and record essential racing data in real-time, as well as study the information when you're back at the pits. In the Aim database you get access to over 1000 different ECU’s with more than 1000 protocols. Even if your ECU is not in the database, an ECU Driver Builder can be found in Race Studio 3, which gives you the ability to build your protocol.   


Seven Colour Settings

Whether you want to wake up your inner boy racer or the lighting conditions are truly an issue, there is bound to be a colour that is just right for you.

LED alarm configuration

Configure LED’s to indicate if you are faster or slower on a lap/split-lap


SmartyCam HD Connection

This is a great way to visually see your GPS and ECU data. Information such as G’s, speed and RPM can all be overlaid over the recorded video lap. This way, the driver can see where they can improve.


PC Communication via Wi-Fi

When you’ve finished your day, you can wirelessly connect the Solo 2 to your laptop via Wi-Fi for in depth. By using Race Studio 3, you can analyse a variety of different factors and even see a video of your laps with its SmartyCam HD camera.


Race Mode Selections

No matter what kind of racing you do, the Solo 2 has you covered. From speed races, to point-to-point races, and even performance tests (0-100 km/h), this unit does it all! Additionally, the data can be viewed instantly after each race and it can also be uploaded to your PC after each race for further analysis.


Huge Track Database

The Solo 2 has over 3000 racetracks from around the world in its database. A soon as you turn on the unit, it automatically recognises your location thanks to its GPS capabilities, and then knows the coordinates of the track and the starting line as well. Additionally, if the track is not in the database, the Solo 2 DL goes into learning mode so that you can compare laps in the future.


RaceStudio 3

RaceStudio 3 is provided as a free download when you purchase the Solo 2 DL. This is a great platform to modify and view all the data from the unit. It’s so intuitive that even an amateur can use it, but even pro drivers, coaches and engineers use it regularly due to its advanced features.



Aim Solo 2 DL GPS + ECU Racing Dash Logger

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