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The Clip-on CAN Bus Interface for Video VBOX will fit all vehicles which utilise CAN Bus. The cable can be installed and removed quickly and easily, however it is not recommended that this is done frequently due to wear that can occur to the clips.


There is no need to make a 'bare-wire' connection to the CAN High and CAN Low wires, therefore no need to cut, splice or remove wire insulation which means it will not invalidate a vehicle warranty.


The Clip-on CAN Bus interface can be used with CAN operating at any voltage and being Omni-directional, this cable will ensure that no intrusive signals are broadcast onto a vehicle CAN bus, preventing the risk of transmitting unwanted data onto the vehicle's CAN bus, which in some cases can cause warning lights to appear on the dash. 

Clip-on CAN Bus Interface

Artikelnummer: RLACS182
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