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GPS09c Open is a stand-alone device that can stream, in completely configurable messages, all the GPS data at 25 Hz.
It is proposed also in the Pro version that features also a 100 Hz 6 axis IMU.

GPS channels available at 25 Hz:

  • Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Logitude
  • Sats number
  • Pos Accuracy
  • Speed Accuracy
  • GPS Lateral acceleration
  • GPS Linear acceleration
  • GPS Heading
  • GPS Yaw Rate
  • GPS Hour
  • GPS min
  • GPS Sec
  • GPS Millisec
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Week number
  • ITOW
  • Unix Time



GPS09c Open is developed to be compatible with all AiM or not AiM systems.
It offers three output streams; for not AiM systems you can configure the protocol for a CAN or RS232.



Freely user configurable




Freely user configurable





Both GPS09c Open and GPS09c Pro Open are proposed in two different mechanical versions. Vehicle with carbon fiber roof or reduced glass surface may limit the GPS signal: the Roof version of AiM GPS09c Open is specifically designed to avoid signal loss.

To be connected as expansion
using the AiM CAN network

AiM GPS09 Module Open

Artikelnummer: GPS-O-CAN
exkl. MwSt.
  • Tech Spec

    DescriptionTechnical What's in The BoxDownloadsFAQ Centre

    AiM GPS09 Module

    • Dimenstions: 64.8 x 53.2 x 19.7mm
    • Weight: 60.5g 




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